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Auto Accident Statistics

Cell Phone Use & Driving
More than 80 million Americans have cellular phones

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Beautiful businesswoman sending a text while driving to work

More than 2,800,000 people make 911 calls from cellular phones
85% of drivers use their cell phone while driving
44% of all drivers have phones in their cars
Traffic Fatalities related to cell phone use have increased more than 800%
26% of all traffic fatalities were caused by driver distraction (Includes cellular phone use)
7% of all drivers have e-mail access
3% of drivers can receive faxes
Using the cell phone while driving, quadrupled the risk of getting into a car accident
Using a cell phone while driving is almost as dangerous as driving drunk
Talking on a hands-free set is as dangerous as a regular cell phone
Falling Asleep While Driving more information here @

15% of all car crashes are sleep related

Half of drivers who get into accidents, slept less than 6 hrs the night before the crash
Drowsy drivers were almost twice as likely to be working more than one job and 4 to 5
times more likely to be working the night shift
100,000 accidents a year – (3%- 4% of all accidents), occur each year as a result of drivers
falling asleep
76,000 injuries and approximately 1,500 deaths a years are a result of drivers falling asleep
behind the wheel
* as cited by USA Today Health

Teenage Driving

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for American teenagers
21% of young drivers involved in fatal crashes had been drinking.
Young people, age 15-20, make up 6.7% of the total driving population in this country but
are involved in 14% of all fatal crashes.
Over 60% percent of young people, 15-20 years old, who died in car crashes were
not wearing seat belts.
65% of teen passenger deaths occur when another teenager was driving.
Nearly half of the fatal crashes involving 16 year old drivers were single car crashes.
2 out of 3 teenagers killed in car crashes are male. Click here @

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