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Your generous contributions make the Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper in Education program possible. Check out the many ways you can support the NIE program and provide sponsored e-edition copies of the Winnipeg Free Press and free educational resources for area classrooms.

The Vacation Donation Program - Leaving town?

Your unread newspapers can help provide Manitoba students with sponsored electronic editions of the newspaper during the school year. If you are a Winnipeg Free Press subscriber, and when you would like to stop your papers for vacation, please call 697-7001.

Individual Donations - Make an impact!

The NIE program supports literacy and provides countless resources for not only Manitoba area teachers but for the local community at large, with special supplements and run of press educational program materials. Consider making an individual donation to partner with us as we stand together to support the next generation of readers.

Business Owners - "Business Partners In Education"

Your business name and/or logo will be displayed on our NIE web site and listed in “Thank You” ads in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Business Benefit:

To make a donation, call Linda Reichert at 204-697-7510 or email